My name is Chryss and I lost my mind trying to find myself. I say too little but write too much so feel free to breathe in my words, there's not enough oxygen in this world to keep us alive. I'm glad you fell down my little rabbit hole.

I live each day trying to mute my sorrows out with music and writing paragraphs and poems filled with unsaid apologies and clandestine love confessions. I wake up each day with a heaviness in my chest even though it feels both empty and hollow. There are metaphors in my ribcage though and sometimes they sing to the rhythm of my heartbeats.

I wonder if people forget about me just as much as I remember them, if I’m worth less when I think they’re worth so much more. I wonder if I’m surrounded by fake smiles and forced companionship until I remember that the person who always brings me down is no one but myself for paranoia has always been a constant in my sorry excuse of a life.

I wonder why people change with the seasons and if certain things do happen for certain reasons, then what are those reasons? I cannot simply look up at the sky and ask for some enlightenment because more often than not, the just looks back at you - a bit sorry, a lot apathetic.